Russia said on Tuesday it had the right to put weapons anywhere it chose on its own territory, after reports that Moscow had deployed nuclear-capable Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad drew criticism from its neighbors and NATO. The president of Lithuania, which neighbors Kaliningrad, and a senior Russian lawmaker, both said the missile systems had been deployed to the region. Russia has not confirmed the deployment. Asked about reports of the deployment on a conference call with reporters, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: Naturally, Russia has this sovereign right. It should hardly be cause for anyone to worry.

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Kaliningrad, which has a population of just under 1million, plays an important role in the maintenance of the Russian Baltic fleet. The CCTV towers will will monitor the border between Poland and Kaliningrad, where Moscow recently announced they are set to place state-of-the-art Iskander missiles When neighbouring countries Poland and Lithuania joined the EU in May , strict border controls were imposed.

Moscow has proposed visa-free travel between Kaliningrad and the EU several times, but the motions have been rejected.

Russia, the world’s largest country, obviously defies a “brief description,” as it covers 9 time zones, all climate zones except tropical, with land that stretches almost .

Today, it is a Russian city where the blending of the Soviet influences and the German roots of the city create unique surroundings found nowhere else in the world. Therefore, Kaliningrad sure is a special destination, and the fact that it is located in a small enclave apart from the rest of Russia makes this seaside city even more interesting. Kaliningrad, the Russian gate to Europe, and a seaside city with German roots Port city on the coast of the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad is separated from the rest of Russia by Lithuania.

Today, Kaliningrad is a Russian city where you can find influences from both Russian and German times. The many museums in Kaliningrad offer exhibitions of art, history, archaeology and science. The Soviet Era has left its marks in the cityscape of Kaliningrad. The most visible of these is the House of the Soviet, which might not be that attractive by appearance, but which carries cultural importance.

Kaliningrad is known as a city of amber, which is available in several different forms in the city as you will find if you try shopping in Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad is also a culturally active city with diverse attractions available for nightlife in Kaliningrad. If you love culture, you could start from for example with the theatres or concerts in Kaliningrad.

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From Russia you enter Poland and cycle in Pomerania. Here you may enjoy a boat trip on Druzno Lake and experience a famous, early technical masterpiece — the Elblag Canal. Today you will cycle along the whole of the Lithuanian part of the Spit, one of the most beautiful cycle routes in Eastern Europe. Nida Free day to explore Nida.

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Kantian ethics Kantian ethics are deontological , revolving entirely around duty rather than emotions or end goals. All actions are performed in accordance with some underlying maxim or principle, which are vastly different from each other; it is according to this that the moral worth of any action is judged. Kant’s ethics are founded on his view of rationality as the ultimate good and his belief that all people are fundamentally rational beings. This led to the most important part of Kant’s ethics, the formulation of the categorical imperative , which is the criterion for whether a maxim is good or bad.

Simply put, this criterion amounts to a thought experiment: For instance, holding the maxim kill anyone who annoys you and applying it universally would result in a world which would soon be devoid of people and without anyone left to kill. Thus holding this maxim is irrational as it ends up being impossible to hold it. Universalizing a maxim statement leads to it being valid, or to one of two contradictions — a contradiction in conception where the maxim, when universalized, is no longer a viable means to the end or a contradiction in will where the will of a person contradicts what the universalization of the maxim implies.

The first type leads to a “perfect duty”, and the second leads to an “imperfect duty. Kant showed that many of our common sense views of what is good or bad conform to his system but denied that any action performed for reasons other than rational actions can be good saving someone who is drowning simply out of a great pity for them is not a morally good act.

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And is closer to the Danish capital of Copenhagen that it is to the Russian mainland. This is the – rather unusual – story of Kaliningrad How did it become part of Russia? Today the area of Kaliningrad Oblast or Kaliningrad region has a population of nearly half a million, with the majority living in the capital of the same name.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email The world is full of strange and quirky borders – and while some are more famous than others, there’s no denying that they make for a fascinating insight into local culture and history. Not to mention some boast unparalleled views of their spectacular surroundings.

Think a lake between Austria, Germany and Switzerland where the tide changes the jurisdiction, or the North Korea and South Korea border where tensions are running higher than ever. In most cases, you can even go and visit these regions defining where one country ends and another begins – and it makes for a trip unlike any other. We take a look at the world’s top 10 weird and wonderful borders and why they should be on your radar Getty There are two ways of moving from the Lech valley to the Jungholz valley in the Austrian Tyrol: And to do the climb without straying accidentally across the border is hard, because this ‘quadripoint’ comes to a precise pinch point, painted on a rock.

Once down the other side, Jungholz itself seems like a quiet agricultural community, but its herniated topography provides a loophole in German banking regulations, so private banks have registered offices here. For the skiing, the wildflowers and the great views from the top of Sorgschrofen. For more information visit jungholz. This hotel around five miles to the north of that airport takes the border-squatting principle a step further, sitting right on top of the line, so its dining room, kitchen etc are actually bisected.

Back in a local businessman got wind of a treaty modifying the border and created the building to straddle the new route before it was ratified.

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Other regions[ edit ] Kaliningrad — a bizarre small slice of Russia between Lithuania and Poland that makes for an interesting addition to a Baltic trip. Entering the exclave requires a Russian visa. While Latvia and Estonia were under foreign dominance for centuries, Lithuania was one of major powers in the region.

Kaliningrad is where men go to find lots of hot gay men with many gay clubs plus gay dating. Originally named Königsberg in German, the town was founded in by the order of the Teutonic Knights in honour of the Czech king Přemysl Otakar II and also was part of Prussia and also then of Germany until , however was largely destroyed during World War II.

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