Corset Background The corset is an undergarment traditionally made of stiffened material laced tight to the body in order to slim a woman’s waist. Evidence shows that some type of waist-cinching garment was worn by Cretan women between and B. Women from that period wore a forerunner of the corset, called a body or stay, or a pair of stays. The rigid, bust-to-hip corset became popular in the sixteenth century and persisted in various guises up through the middle of the twentieth century. It was considered beneficial to women’s health by some doctors and writers, while others considered the constricting garment a virtual torture. Corset making was a specialized sub-sector of the garment industry. Tailors called staymakers were experts in the fitting and forming of corsets, which were sewn laboriously by hand.

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The corset was an essential undergarment for Victorian women. The corset developed from 18th century stays, a foundation garment that gave women a conical form while lifting and supporting the bosom, in addition to, producing a rigidly flat front. The 19th century corset remained basically similar to the earlier stays in that it accentuated the bosom; but the Victorian corset also minimized the waist by producing a curved hour-glass shape. There were hooks and eyes at the center front for easier removal.

The corset was worn over a cotton chemise and not directly next to the skin. Corsets were worn by women, young girls and children. Children wore corsets to learn correct posture. Corsets came in a variety of colors, including white, black, charcoal gray, cream, and even red. The elegance of Victorian fashions was mainly dependent on the corset. Without the aid of the corset, no evening dress of the mid s through the end of the century could be worn, unless the Victorian woman was willing to submit to the withering contempt of a merciless fashion conscious society.

The illustration on the left represents a lady dressed in the elegant fashion of One glance at the contour of the figure is sufficient to show the full influence of the form of corset on the adjustment of this style of costume. In , there was a strong tendency towards the short waists, low dresses, and long trailing trains.


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Simple daydresses and bosom-flattening corsets were common to this era. Bloomers made a brief appearance in Dubbed the “Turkish costume,” bloomers were embraced by Elizabeth Cady Stanton as a feminist reaction to the masculine ideas of proper women’s attire. Stanton’s friend Amelia Bloomer, publisher of the reform paper called The Lily, printed sketches of the odd costume in , and it gained popularity among feminists in the early s.

Ironically, the outfit was abandoned shortly after its introduction into American society, as it was too unbecoming. The most notable contribution to s fashion, however, was the hoop skirt. Introduced in , the hoop skirt greatly altered the silhouette of the woman’s wardrobe. During the early s, the common daydress had a very short underarm seam, a shallow, rounded dip at the waistfront, and a soft and full fan bosom.

Wide collars of lace, crochet, or tatting fell flat across the shoulders. Notice the soft, full bosom and wide, white collar on the common daydresses below. Woven ginghams, calicos, checks, and plaids were common patterns for daydresses, as seen in the image on the right. Image courtesy of Joan L. Severa, Dressed for the Photographer:

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Edwardian Flossing Your Corset Whether you make your own corset or choose to purchase one, “flossing” is a beautiful way to add your own personal touch to this garment. After looking at over 75 extant American and European corsets dating from , I primarily see flossing applied to corsets after As steel boning began to replace baleen commonly referred to as whalebone in corsetry, the need for flossing emerged.

Essentially, flossing secured the steel boning inside the corset channel and kept it from slipping or twisting when the corset was worn.

Our Strapped Lace Back Corset is a lace back model available in three colors and many sizes. For a two or more inch waist reduction, our Satin Waist Cinching Corset will help create a feminine contoured waist.

One of the fascinating things about writing historical novels is researching the various rituals of romance in your chosen period. Edwardian-era England is my favorite time, namely because it was a time of great societal change. Love and courtship, however, remained steeped in tradition. How and whom you married depended hugely on one factor: In America, wealthy industrialists had amassed great fortunes, and with no Law of Primogeniture, fathers endowed their daughters with fortunes of their own.

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Relationships were less stringent for the middle and working classes. Provided they chose within their own classes, a love match could happen. These girls usually met their sweethearts through friends, family, or at work.

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Share this article Share As debate naturally raged on social media, many users weighed in, leading to Rebekah’s indignant response to the ensemble which resulted in her shooting down one user who attempted to defend the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. She shared a snap of the dress, taken from Kim’s Snapchat defence story, and wrote: It’s a satin negligee with a fake corset.

Rebekah Vardy has hit out at Kim Kardashian for her widely-discussed choice to allow her daughter North West to wear a corset-style dress Wrong?

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A purports to show the natural position of internal organs. B, when deformed by tight lacing of a corset. In this way the liver and the stomach have been forced downward, as seen in the cut. Public domain image via wikimedia commons. But some women lived long and healthy lives, counters anthropologist Rebecca Gibson of American University , whose latest research on corsets and their effect on the skeleton has been published in NEXUS: The Canadian Student Journal of Anthropology.

The view of corseting as having created short and painful lives is anachronistic, she says, as many of these women lived much longer than average for the time. Corset-wearing was common in the 18th and 19th centuries across Europe and across different socioeconomic classes. Options for both adults and children show. By looking at the variation in corsets and their physical effects on the spine, and correlating those observations with age-at-death, Gibson is rethinking the modern assumption that corsets were like painful torture devices.

She measured the width of their rib cages, the angle at which the ribs meet the spine, and the angle of deviation of the spinous processes of the vertebrae.

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Although corsets are widely associated with sex and looking sexy, it’s not only women who wear them for this purpose. One of the best-known male corset enthusiasts goes by the name of Mr Pearl: To do this takes a lot of dedication, and not everyone wants to go that far.

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Share this article Share Adding to her look with a white blouse and pin-stripe shorts, Camila ensured she claimed her fair share of the spotlight. Accentuating her slender physique with a form-fitting red corset, the singer gyrated across the stage while performing tracks from her upcoming self-titled solo album Racy: The reunion was all the more awkward as it came little more than a year ago all five performed together at the Jingle Ball in Dallas, Texas.

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Dating Foundation Garments What a subject this is; and how many times have we been asked to date a corset or a girdle. One day, this page will comprise our knowledge about the subject, but for the time being, let us start with the easiest of all; labels that can be dated.

The home of Garth ToynTanen, his ideas and, it is hoped, yours! If you are an aficionado of the imposition on vulnerable young ladies of strict discipline and humiliating uniforms by the judicial application of cane, tawse, riding crop and by,less orthodox, psychological means – then this is the place for you! Thursday, 9 December Corsets, Backboards and Deportment Training for Recalcitrant Young Ladies One of the greatest influences on my writing has been the publications, journals and fiction hailing from the Victorian era or, I suspect, purporting to in some instances.

I suppose it is the second letter that really hits the spot – that atmosphere one senses, reading between the lines, of domination and the curbing of the spirit. Clearly much more has been done than merely putting the pair of teenagers in corsets – one senses there has been a battle of wills and what is observed is the aftereffect of a crushing defeat.

Reading through brought my mind to mull over another subject much discussed in that era, one even more amenable to inclusion in any disciplinary and obedience training regime one might devise that also incorporates corporal punishment: Tightly-laced boned corsets, backboards, the cane or riding switch and deportment training seem in my mind to go together seamlessly. This still from Lupus Pictures seems to succeed in summing up all of that in that one shot.

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Corsets For Men Corsets for Men The use and wear of corsets by men historically was not an uncommon practice. Not only did it provide sturdy back support for activities such as riding and hunting, but it also created the very narrow waist, broad shouldered look that men’s fashions of the day dictated. Today male corsetry still exists Special Construction to Meet the Needs of Male Customers Whether you are a man trying to achieve a more femine form, or a man desiring an exaggerated masculine form, there are certain aspects of the male anatomy that need to be taken into account when designing a corset for men.

The length of torso is very often much longer on men than on women

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I am a professional corsetiere and owner of Electra Designs Corsetry. I have been making corsets for over 20 years. When I began, I did not have access to any type of corset-making information. There were no commercial corset patterns, no books, online communities or blogs, no instructional dvds or printed materials.

I had never seen a real corset in person.

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