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Alfred Butts finalizes Criss-Cross Words. He sells about sets. Butts turns the game over to James Brunot. Brunot weeds out a few premium squares around the middle of the board; adds point bingo bonus; renames it Scrabble!

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The depositional age of tsunami deposits is commonly constrained by the radiocarbon 14C dating of sediments above and below the geological event. However, because of calibration curve fluctuations, the depositional age sometimes has a wide error range. In this study, we conducted millimeter-scale high-resolution radiocarbon measurements of tsunami deposits at Urahoro in southern Hokkaido, Japan. The site faces the Pacific Ocean along the Kuril Trench.

Eight event deposits were identified within peat at this site. We took sequential measurements for 14C dating using bulk peat samples. The results were validated based on comparison with the absolute and radiometric ages of tephra layers. Dating results were further constrained by stratigraphic order using statistical methods.

We constrained the depositional age of the paleotsunami deposits better using this method than we did when using conventional methods. We proposed an efficient measurement strategy with respect to the radiocarbon calibration curve. This method is also applicable for other deposits formed by any natural hazard if bulk peat is obtainable so it can contribute to better hazard assessment worldwide. Previous article in issue.

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June 22, Before petitioner Medina’s trial for, inter alia, first-degree murder, the California court granted his motion for a competency hearing pursuant to a state law that forbids a mentally incompetent person to be tried or punished, establishes a presumption of competence, and placed on petitioner the burden of proving incompetence by a preponderance of the evidence. The jury empaneled for the competency hearing found Medina competent to stand trial and, subsequently, he was convicted and sentenced to death.

The State Supreme Court affirmed, rejecting Medina’s claim that the competency statute’s burden of proof and presumption provisions violated his right to due process. The Due Process Clause permits a State to require that a defendant claiming incompetence to stand trial bear the burden of proving so by a preponderance of the evidence. It is not at all clear that Mathews was essential to the results in United States v. Rather, the proper analytical approach is that set forth in Patterson v.

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The disc contains pages of images of documents, from and covering German U-boats and pages of English translations of the German language documents. The American force was commanded by Captain Daniel V. Alerted by American cryptanalysts, who, along with the British, had been decrypting the German naval code, the Guadalcanal task group knew U-boats were operating off the African coast near Cape Verde.

They did not know the precise location, however, because the exact coordinates latitude and longitude in the messages were encoded separately before being enciphered for transmission. The Guadalcanal task group intended to use all these methods to find and capture the next U-boat they encountered through the use of trained boarding parties. The task group sailed from Norfolk, Virginia, on 15 May for an anti-submarine patrol near the Canary Islands.

For two weeks they searched unsuccessfully, even steaming as far south as Freetown, Sierra Leone, in a vain effort to locate a U-boat. On Sunday, 4 June , with fuel running low, the warships reluctantly turned north and headed for Casablanca. Knox, USNR, made sonar contact on an object just yards away on her starboard bow. Guadalcanal immediately swung clear at top speed, desperately trying to avoid getting in the way, as Chatelain and the other escorts closed the position.

In the minutes required to identify the contact definitely as a submarine, however, Chatelain closed too rapidly and could not attack, as her depth charges would not sink fast enough to intercept the U-boat.

Comparison to Other Boats

The is faster, and much better built so it lasts much longer. The class rules do not allow cored construction, use of epoxy resin, or use of fibers other than glass in an effort to control costs. It still costs as much as the though.

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Education World writer Wesley Sharpe, Ed. Answers to such questions as “How does inclusion benefit kids who have disabilities? As late as the middle of the s, an estimated 1 million kids with disabilities didn’t even attend school,” reported a May NEAToday Online cover story, “Inclusion Confusion. The landmark legislation moved children with special needs from segregated classrooms into regular classrooms. The problem with segregated special education is that “youngsters will not learn in segregated settings how to function in a non-disabled world,” said Art Shapiro, a professor of special education at Kean University and author of Everybody Belongs: The string of federal statutes that began in created confusion in countless American classrooms as educators struggled to provide quality education for special and general education students.

Parents and advocates feared that services to disabled children would be lost if they were moved to regular classrooms. Teachers weren’t convinced that inclusion would work. At one point, the American Federation of Teachers even called for a moratorium on full inclusion. His research includes funded projects on the inclusion of middle school students with severe disabilities.

The data suggests that inclusion in general education classes, especially in vocational education courses, is associated with improved post-school outcomes,” McDonnell told Education World. Although research on the long-term effects of inclusion may be sketchy, there is some evidence of the positive effects of inclusive education on students who do not have disabilities.

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Detection[ edit ] GJ b was first detected by the MEarth Project , which searches for the small drops in brightness that can occur when an orbiting planet briefly passes in front of its parent star. In early , the astronomers running the project noticed that the star GJ appeared to show drops in brightness of that sort.

They then observed the star more closely and confirmed that it dimmed by roughly 1.

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Created on March 1, Rig Lava Headset worked, not it doesnt. Hey Guys, So my problem here is that one second my headset work fine, Not it doesnt work at all. Over Night this happened. My headset has work fine for over a year now, but when i plug it into the 3.

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Originally using a single action bar, that was known to bind and even break, this was changed to dual action bars in , following the expiration of Remington’s patent on the double action bar design. A single large locking lug is used to secure the breech. The magazine tube is located below the barrel, and is screwed into the receiver.

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In the past 5 years the number of tools to help us learn about these awesome watches has jumped from a single page Caliber-Date table to at least 3 new, significant dating tools. It’s important to understand the difference between the dates that these tools provide. You want to match the date with the correct use of that date.

Here are the 3 different dates that can be found on a Gruen watch. Style Number Date – This page you are now reading, and the online dating tools found here, all tell you the Style Number Date. This date is an approximation of when the model of watch first went into production. It does not tell us when your specific watch was made.

Use this date to help find the correct model name of your watch. A tutorial on how to do this can be found here.

Edge 1000 vs Mio 505